The department provides emergency intervention to cardiac patients in 24 hours / 7 days a week. The City Cardiology Center annually increases the volume of operations for patients with acute coronary syndrome: in 2008, 41 coronary angiography and 7 stenting of the coronary arteries; In 2009, 544 and 30, correspondingly ; In 2010, 1800 and 466; In 2011 3202 and 1088; In 2012, 3146 and 1263; In 2013, 3434 and 1460; In 2014, 4423 and 1608; In 2015, 4184 and 1337, in 2016 4770 coronaroangiography and 1654 PCI, correspondingly . Mortality from myocardial infarction in patients after stenting is significantly lower than in conservative therapy.

Also, the newest treatment methods were introduced, such as denervation of the renal arteries in malignant hypertension, implantation of a completely dissolvable vessel carcass scaffold Absorb, implantation of a bioresorbable carcass from a magnesium alloy with a drugrluting coating Magmaris, application of a rotoblator, use of OCT (optical coherence tomography), measurement of the pressure gradient inside Coronary artery (FFR), x-ray endovascular treatment of the carotid, iliac and femoral arteries.

On the basis of the X-ray surgical department of the SCC, master classes are held on an ongoing basis with the participation of interventional cardiologists from Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Germany and Japan.

The Head of the Department Sakhov Orazbek Srailovich, cardiologist of the highest category, MD, an Associate Professor of the Faculty of Cardiosurgery of Kazakhstan National Medical University named after S.D. Asfendiyarov, member of the Expert Council for Interventional Cardiology in Central and Eastern Europe, member of the European Association of Cardiology, President of the Republican Public Association "Kazakhstan Society of Interventional Cardiology and X-ray Surgeons".

  • Sadykov Arman Saparbekovich, a physician-X-ray surgeon;
  • Kulanbaeva Aizhan Nurzhanovna, a physician-X-ray surgeon;
  • Stambekov Marat Georgievich, a physician-X-ray surgeon;
  • Tolepov Gaziz Pahirdinovich, a physician-X-ray surgeon;
  • Kydyrbaev Esbol Myrzabekovich, a physician-X-ray surgeon;
  • Dairbekova Saule Muslimbaevna, a physician-X-ray surgeon.
  • Zhamalov Baltabai Ziyatovich, anesthesiologist-intensive care physician
  • Joroyeva Aichurek Miyzambekovna, anesthesiologist-intensive care physician