Emblem – is the one ofthe main symbols ofthe state.The term "emblem" is derivedfrom the German word«erbe» (inheritance), and meansheritabledistinctive sign- a combination offigures and objects, which are givena symbolic meaning.

History shows thateventhe Bronze Agenomadswho livedon the territory ofmodern Kazakhstanidentified themselveswith a specialsymbol-a totem, graphic expressionthat laterreceived the name"tamga". Forthefirsttime, thetermbegantobeusedintheTurkicKhaganate The Emblem ofthe sovereign Kazakhstanwas officially adoptedin 1992. Its authors are well-known architectsZhandarbekMalibekovandShot-AmanUalikhanov

The State Emblem ofthe Republic of Kazakhstanhas theshape of a circle(wheel) –it is a symbol oflife and eternity that enjoyed a special honoramong the nomadsof the GreatSteppes. The centralheraldic elementin thestate emblemis an image of shanyrak(the cupola of a yurt) on a blue backgroundon whichall sidesin the form ofsunlightdivergeuyki(support). To the rightandleftofshanyrakthere areimagesofmythicalwingedhorses.At the top ofthe emblem, there is a spatialfive-pointed starandthe inscription “Kazakhstan”at the bottom. The image ofstar,shanyrak, uyks, mythical horses, as well as the inscriptions"Kazakhstan" - madein gold color.

Shanyrak-it is the mainpart of thesystem-tent shaped likethe domeof heavenand one of thekey elements of life stylein the traditional cultureof Eurasiannomads. The Shanyrak image in the TheState Emblemof the Republic- is a symbol ofcommon homeandunifiedhomeland for allpeoples livingin the country. The stable development ofKazakhstandepends onprosperityof each citizen, as thestrength and stabilityof shanyrakdepends on the reliabilityof all itsuyks(supports)

The wingedmythicalhorses-tulparsinthe state emblemare the keyheraldic element. The image ofa horsefrom time out of mind concepts suchas courage, loyalty and strength.The wingssymbolizea century’sdream ofmultinational people of Kazakhstanon the construction ofa strong andprosperous nation. They speak forpure thoughts and aspirationto successiveimprovement andcreative development. Gold wings of racersalsoresemblegolden earsandembody thehard workandmaterial prosperityof people in Kazakhstan. In past centuries, the hornswere widely usedin religiousritesof nomadsas wellas thetops oftheir fightingbanners. The imagesof heavenly grace, fertility ofthe earthandthe militaryfortune inthe form of hornsof various animalshave always occupieda significant place insymboliccompositions ofdifferent peoples. Thus, thewinged horsewith a hornof plentyis an importanttypological image, which has deepsemantic andhistorical roots

Anotheritem inthe state emblemof the Republic– is a five-pointedstar.This symbol is usedby humankindsince ancient timesandrepresentsconstant aspirationof peopleto the lightof truthto allthe sublimeand eternal. The image of Star in theState Emblemreflects the desireof Kazakh people tobuilda country openfor cooperation and partnershipwith all the peopleof the world.Heartandembrace of Kazakhpeople are opento representatives of allfive continents. The maincolor used in thestate emblemis thecolor of gold, which symbolize wealth, justice and magnanimity. Also therepresents the color offlag -skyblue,whichblendswith the color ofgold andsymbolizes the puresky,peace and prosperity.