Realizing our responsibilityand assessingthe degree of influenceof our activitieson the health andquality oflife of the populationof Almaty city, the CCCassume the obligations to implement thefollowingQuality Policy

1) Continuousimprovement ofquality of health careservices:

  • development and implementation of the most advanced technologies of diagnosis and treatment in the Center, approved by the international community, modern methods of treatment for all types of medical care provided by the Centre;
  • use of the collective knowledge and experience, following the traditions of the world's best scientific and practical schools, provision of close connection with the clinical practice of fundamental and applied science;
  • making assign if cant contribute on into development of cardiology service of Almaty city.

2) Achievement ofimpeccablereputation andhigh confidenceof patients:

  • strict observance of the rights of patients to receive high-quality and safe services, provided by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • use of treatment mode based on the best achievements of modern medicine having the evidence base;
  • use of approved by medical community procedures that minimize the risk of injury, infection, medication side effects and other adverse effect sin health care;
  • demonstration ofethical, responsible and honest behavior;
  • respect of dignity, immediate responsiveness to feed back and minimizing of patient’ sin convenience;
  • care about the convenience and comfort of patients, provision of solitary service

3) Creating an effectivecorporate management, the maximum useof its innerpotential:

  • application of modern technologies of corporate management, implementation of the quality management system and continuous improvement of its effectiveness;
  • implementation of self-evaluation data capabilities of their current processes and achieved results and comparisons with appropriate bench-marks for promoting creativity, innovation introduction and improvements;
  • Effective change management using project management and targeted improvement of processes;
  • attraction, development and staff retention with competencies and skills necessary for the implementation of the mission, vision, current and future needs of the Centre;
  • unification of all employees for implementation of mission, vision and goals of the movement towards sustainable success through team work
  • education of the staff the ability to learn quickly and actina timely manner;
  • formation and extension of culture, leadership and mutual support;
  • recognition of the efforts and achievements of staff, motivation to participate in activities for improvement and innovation in all aspects of the Centre's activities to improve its image and enhance the reputation

4) Provision of continued accordance with high mission:

  • understanding and implementation with the responsibility of our role and mission to provide emergency cardiology and cardiac care to the population of Almaty city and continuous improvement of its effectiveness;
  • understanding and implementation on with the responsibility of our role and mission to maintain a high level of cardiology and cardiac care to the population of Almaty city, development ofapplied technologies andall kinds of resources;
  • planning and implementation of activities taking into consideration the impact on social, political, economic and environmental sustainability of society.