A fact sheet about the X-ray Surgery Department in the City Cardiological Center

Qualification categories have 4 physicians, which is 45%: the highest category — 3 physicians; the first category — 1 physician. The categories have 3 nurses which is 30%: the highest category — 3 nurses; the first category — 1 nurse. Physicians with experience: under 5 years — 3 people; over 5 years — 6 people. Medical nurses with experience: under 1 year — 6 people, from 1 to 5 years — 6 people, over 5 years — 4 people.

The Department provides emergency interventional assistance to cardiological patients around the clock 24 hours/7days a week.  

The City Cardiological Center yearly increases the volumes of surgeries to patients with acute coronary syndrome: in 2008 there were 41 coronarographies and 7 stenting surgeries of coronary arteries; in 2009 there were 544 and 30 correspondingly; in 2010 there were 1800 and 466; in 2011 there were 3202 and 1088; in 2012 there were 3146 and 1263 correspondinly. The mortality of patients from myocardial infarction after stenting of the myocardial infarction is 2.4% which is significantly lower than in conservative follow-up. Also, the total mortality of myocardial infarction reduced from 13.7% to 10.6%. Also, every year there are more than 150 implantations of electrocardiostimulators performed in the cardiocenter, including two and three chamber stimulators. 

The newest methods of treatment are also introduced, such as denervation of kidney arteries in malignant hypertension, implantation of completely dissolvable vessel carcass — scaffold Absorb, using OCT (optic-coherent tomography), measuring the gradient of pressure inside the coronary artery (FFR).

There are continuous master-classes with the participation of intervention cardiologists from Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Lithuania that are based at the X-ray surgical department of the City Cardiological Center.

Staff achievements:

The Head of the Department Sakhov Orazbek Srailovich, a physician-cardiologist of the highest category, a candidate of medical sciences, an Associate Professor of the Faculty of Cardiosurgery of Kazakhstan National Medical University named after S.D. Asfendiyarov, a member of an Expert Council on invervention cardiology of the Central and Eastern Europe.  

Mukanov Samat Maksatovich, a physician of the first category, a candidate of medical sciences

Sadykov Arman Saparbekovich, a physician-X-ray surgeon

Kuttygozhin Erzhan Zhaksylykovich, a physician-X-ray surgeon

Kulanbaeva Ayzhan Nurzhanovna, a physician-X-ray surgeon

Stambekov Marat Georgievich, a physician-X-ray surgeon

Tolepov Gani, a physician-X-ray surgeon

Kydyrbaev Esbol, a physician-X-ray surgeon

Tolemisov Anuar, a physician-X-ray surgeon

Rysmendiev Bekzhan Armenovich, a physician of the highest category, an arrhythmologist

Tolepbergenov Gani Kunanbaevich, an arrhythmologist

 A subdivision of arrhythmology of the City Cardiological Center

       A subdivision of arrhythmology of the Cardiosurgical Department of the City Cardiological Center started functioning from the middle of 2008.

       The main task is implantation of ECS for different types of bradyarrhythmia that complicated the flow of IHD.

For the period from 2008 to 2013 around 500 surgeries on implantation of various devices have been performed (1-chamber, 2-chamber electrocardiostimulators, cardioverter-defibrillators, 3-chamber electrocardiostimulators – CRT-D)

Staff members:

1.       Rysmendiev Bekzhan Armenovich, a physician of the highest category, an X-ray surgeon-arrhythmologist;

2.       Tolepbergenov Gani Kunanbaevich, an X-ray surgeon-arrhythmologist.