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Cardiologic department 3 located on the base of the Municipal cardiologic center of city Almaty is opened in 2007.

The manager of department is a cardiologist of higher qualifying category Tynalieva S.I.

In the department there are 5 doctors:
  • Hamraeva G.M. – cardiologist of higher category.
  • Abdykeeva R.A. – cardiologist of the first category had the training on a clinical cardiology in Israel in 2005.
  • Apieva N.I.. – cardiologist of the first category.
  • Alzhanova I.K. – cardiologist, passed the primary specialization on a cardiology, has a certificate of a specialist and a certificate on functional diagnostics.
  • Zamzaeva B. D. – cardiologist, 2011 – 2014 residencies on a cardiology in KRMU Almaty.

Presently in the department there are 40 beds.

The department is specialized on the diagnostics and treatment of adult patients with the diseases of the cardiovascular system in the exacerbation phase and disposes the wide spectrum of methods of inspection and treatment. It is equipped with modern equipments. There are single–seater, semi–private and four–seater rooms. In 2015 a major repair with seismic retrofit was done in the medical department.

For serious patient and patients, requiring differential diagnostics there are sub intensive rooms with necessary equipments (centralized serve of oxygen, monitor for control after vital signs functions) of organism, a defibrillator, set for helping in case of sudden stopping of cardiac activity.

In the lobby of department there are visual aids (stands, informative placards). According to them patients can find out necessary information about diseases. Video tapes propagandizing the healthy way of life are translated once a day. Similarly in a department terms are created for comfort work of medical personnel (a comfortable post, shower-rooms for employees, special room of rest for junior and medium-level medical personnel , intern is available for 24 hours ). In the medical department there are the next types of inspection : electrocardio-graphy on a modern sixchannel cardiograph with interpretation of the obtained data, echocardiography with Doppler imaging (ultrasonic research of heart), sciagraphy of organs of thorax. In addition to it there is a wide spectrum of laboratory methods of researches (global analyses of blood and urine, determination of highly sensitive troponin as an index of heart attack of myocardium in the first clock of disease, lipid spectrum of blood, coagulogram, determination of MNO, determination of hepatic and kidney indexes, blood tests on hormones and other analyses) necessary for differential diagnostics of diseases. In the cases of difficult diagnostics the department has possibilities of realization of radical methods of inspection by arrangement with the large centers of city (computer tomography, magnetically-resonant tomography, and magnetically-resonant tomography). The doctors of department work in close collaboration with the department of quick and urgent medicare of KazMU named after Asphendiarov, that is managed by Professor Iskakov B.S., professor cms Almukhambetova R.K. supervises a department. Together with the employees of department conciliums, consultations, curation of serious patients are conducted in the department; scientific publications are published in republican and international scientific magazines. The doctors of the department are the members of Kazakhstan and European society of cardiologists; they use the modern achievements of cardiology in the work. Addition to it the doctors permanent progress their knowledge in the hospitals of the world (in Russia, in South Korea); they take part in the master classes, which are given by foreign specialists. Besides their existing jobs in the department, the doctors give medical consultations to the inhabitants of Almaty, take part in Doors Open Days, and provide medical assistance to the clinics giving consultations to the physicians and cardiologists (CC 9, CC13, CC 14, CC 19, CC 30, CC 33, CC Alatau).

Cardiologic department 3 takes the patients with such nosological entities as:
  • acute coronary syndrome;
  • acute myocardial infarction;
  • unstable stenocardia;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • cardiomyopathy ( dilated cardiomyopathy, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, periportal);
  • patients with pathology of cardio valve ( as for conservative treatable as with the aim to prepare for surgical treatable);
  • different methods of arrhythmia ( and for patients who need an implantation of artificial pacemaker);
  • patients with congestive heart failure (conservative therapy is taken in the department with the next decision of the question about the implantation of auxiliary);
  • aftertreatment of the patients with the acute myocardial infarction.

Junior and medium-level medical personnel of the department has wide experience in working in emergency. It is managed by a head nurse Sarybaeva B.G.

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