City Cardiological Center

The Department of Reanimation and Intensive Therapy.

The Department of Reanimation and Intensive Therapy has 18 beds opened.

The Department provides emergency help to patients from the whole city of Almaty with acute coronary pathology — acute coronary syndrome with the upturn and without the upturn of ST, segment, acute myocarditis, various heart rhythm and conductivity abnormalities, paroxysmal tachycardias, thromboembolia of lung arteries, different types of shock, periodically complicated episodes as hypertensive encephalopathy, ACE.

The Department is equipped with modern devices, it is ready to provide various types of emergency critical care assistance.

Qualified specialists are working in the Department who have a lot of experience in working in cardiology. There is also well trained middle and junior medical staff that is working there. Physicians successfully use in practice all technical and laboratory-instrumental achievements in critical care and cardiology for the diagnostics and treatment of cardio-vascular system illnesses. The main area of focus of treating patients is treating patients with acute coronary syndrome. There is preparation for surgical intervention, coronarography, implantation of cardiostimulators, denervation of kidney artery done in the Department. Close cooperation of critical care specialists, surgeons and cardiologists working in our center provides timely, fast and effective diagnostics, and the optimal method of treatment.

The staff of the critical care department.

The Head of the Department is the highest category physician Konzhebaev Ayvar Melsovich. He has been the

Head of the Reanimation Department of the City Cardiological Center since 2008. There are 11 physicians and 2 part-

timers working in the Department. All physicians have critical care and anaesthesiology specialty, as well as the

cardiology specialty. 3 physicians are knowledgeable in doing EchoCG. All physicians have the necessary critical care skills, are able to read ECG, set up a temporary electrocardiostimulator, implant an inter-aortal counterpulsator.

The Head nurse of the Department is Shapurina Tatiyana Grigorievna, a highest category nurse, who has all the necessary skills, as she has been working in critical care for more than 30 years.

There are 25 medical nurses and 13 junior nurses working in the department.

The faculty

Based at the Reanimation and Intensive Care Department there is the faculty of Anaesthesiology and Critical Care of Almaty State Institute of Physician Continuing Education, Almaty, working. The Head of the Faculty is Chursin Vadim Vladimirovich who provides consultations and assistance to severely ill critical patients.