At SCE on PVC "City cardiological center" October 25, 2017 held a seminar of health workers Almaly district according to the legislation of RK "On public service", "On combating corruption" with the participation of employees of the Department of the National Bureau of anti-corruption Agency of RK on civil service Affairs and combating corruption in Almaty.

The speakers covered the basics of the current legislation on combating corruption, prevention of corruption, the main directions of anti-corruption policies, noted the importance of the seminars, the availability of Call-centers.

Also elaborated on the issues of anti-corruption culture and ethics in state institutions, anti-corruption mechanisms.

Noted the inevitability of punishment for corruption offenses and a system of rewards for reporting corruption, strengthening disciplinary, administrative and criminal liability for corruption offences.

Then a video was shown about the persons who held high positions in different times, and sentenced to various terms of imprisonment for corruption crimes.

The speakers answered all the questions asked.